Thermal Profile

 The thermal profile used in the carcass or our module houses is produced of zinc coated, specially processed, fire-proof and accurately cut (with 1 mm precision) steel. Thanks to thermal profile carcass, 98% of the wall element is made of stone wool, which guarantees better insulation properties than a wall panel built on wooden carcass.

Thermal profile does not create cold bridges and lets the insulation breathe freely through the carcass. Thermal profile does not mold or rot and that is why the qualities of thermal profile are close to concrete panes, but it is much lighter than wooden panels. The elements of RaiMar Hus’s houses are compiled of perfect parts which do not react to changes in temperature and humidity. The appearance of cracks in the finished wall panels is practically impossible, thanks to the properties of thermal profile. There are no cold bridges, no draught or heat losses. Our solutions guarantee a stable temperature and cleanliness of air inside the room.
The wall elements produced by RaiMar Hus are used in exterior walls and weight-bearing constructions. Containing the least number of joints, these guarantee a quick installation into the panel in only a couple of hours. A quick installation is important because the constructions need to be kept dry. The production of wall elements in dry production facilities with a constant quality control secures the perfect precision, dryness and quality of the elements. The components of the building are covered in plastic during transportation to the building site.
The thermal conductivity of steel has been reduced by puncturing the inside of the steel construction. This method reduces thermal conductivity around 90% and this way the insulation of the construction is better than that of wooden construction. Also, a big part of the warmth, which can be directed, moves through the punctures inside the component so that insulation is dry.
The insulation index of the wall element is in the case of 200/1.2mm profile 0.216W/m2K. 
Fire-proof stone wool forms 98% of the thickness of the wall element.

The qualities of wall elements:

  • inexpensive and short supply periods
  • quick installation
  • good insulation
  • connecting and fixing other building materials is quick, comfortable and easy
  • possibility to choose between different exterior finishes
  • stability of the quality of materials
  • requires no maintenance
  • strong and stable construction
  • total stability: the wall does not curve, shrink, expand or break
  • fire-proof construction
  • long exploitation period of materials
  • environmentally friendly



The production of thermal panels takes place in a factory with appropriate equipment and suitable conditions, which guarantee the stable quality of the panels.
The producers are specialists in their own field, have lots of experience and proper training.
Thermal panels are produced according to production plans which have been drawn up keeping in mind the strength requirements, in order to guarantee the compliance of structures to actual loads.
 Thermal panel is composed of:
1. a strengthened plaster board 
2. a plastic vapour barrier
3. mineral insulation
4. thermal profile carcass
5. a plaster board for wind barrier