Sandwitch panels

 Sandwich panel, also called composite panel, is a cost efficient prefabricated element. Sandwich panels can be used not only in facades and roofs but also in compartmenting structures, partition walls and ceilings.

Versatility enables a wide range of architectural solutions.

Sandwich panels have two colour coated steel sheet layers bonded to an inner insulation core between them. The insulating core can be mineral wool, polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, or polystyrene.

The versatility of the sandwich panel enables a wide range of architectural solutions. The long spans and variety of surface patterns, the choice of horizontal, vertical or diagonal installation, the extensive selection of flashings and wide range of colours – together these give designers a wealth of possibilities.

Strength, quality and fire-resistance.

The excellent strength and rigidity properties enable long spans. The strength of the panels means they can be used in the wall and façade even of high buildings. The high, consistent quality of the sandwich panel is a real benefit for the client. The panel system has been studied and tested and is subject to authorized quality control.

The mineral wool used our panels means that even thin panels give excellent thermal insulation. The panels also absorb noise well.

The tongue and groove joint, with its resistance to deformity, gives sandwich panel a tight and fire resistant structure. The non-combustible surface material also protects other structures, so that fire does not spread. The panels can be used to create structures that meet very high fire requirements.