About the Company

 RaiMar Hus Ltd, which is based on private capital, produces and installs modular thermal profile carcass buildings.
Our aim is to provide fast, inexpensive and quality building solutions.
We produce and keep the panels in a factory where the elements are protected against harsh weather conditions up to the installation.
We offer factory packages with a supply period of up to 1.5 months, and that with installation. At the same time, special arrangements based on special projects can be made as well, in which case a separate schedule will be agreed upon with the customer.

 Quality management system 
RaiMar Hus Ltd has brought its management principles in compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 standard in order to guarantee the satisfaction of all parties. 

  Quality policy of RaiMar Hus Ltd:
Fast, inexpensive and quality solutions in the production of thermal profile carcass modular houses and facade elements according to:
- quality requirements agreed on with the customer and the customer’s wishes, and
- legislation regulating our activity.

 We wish to be the best choice to our customers, by securing them with: 
- a suitable factory package from our selection of houses, the exterior and planning are changable according to the customer’s preferences and requirements
- the durability of our products (warranty)
- the completion, delivery and installation of products in due date
- competitive prices
- a customer-friendly service
- the consideration of their wishes in the development of new products
- a reply to their enquiries within a working day
- a subcontractor, if the client requests one, who will complete general construction works
- advice so that the customer’s goals can be achieved and the work process is fast and of a good quality
- stable relations with the suppliers of main materials, we only use partners whose backgrounds have been thoroughly checked. 

 We will secure the general development of the company by:
- a timely reaction to the parties interested 
- completion of and adherence to quality targets
- regular monitoring and bringing up to date of quality policy
- product development
- the use of state-of-the-art technology
- the careful selection of our partners (suppliers, subcontractors)
- the implementation of quality management system
- the direction of resources to ensure good quality
- a constant assessment and improvement of the quality management system

 Quality and effectiveness figures

In order to guarantee the implementation of the quality policy, the board assigns the company measurable quality and effectiveness goals. Quality and effectivenss goals are documented separately by the board and enable to assess the customer’s satisfaction and the operation of the company and its processes. The achievement of the quality goals is observed in everyday operation of the company and analysed in board meetings. According to the results, regulative measures are implemented or quality policies and goals changed.